What is Otus?
Otus is an easy-to-use, yet powerful classroom tool that brings the best iPad and Chromebook education features together into one secure environment, and uses a single login.

Teachers + Technology =
Improved Learning

Everything students and teachers need in one place, with one login — for free!

Classes Organize classes, take attendance, sort and differentiate lessons, recognize behavior and communicate directly with students and parents

Bookshelf Curate and share websites, podcasts, spreadsheets, books, and other digital materials with students, parents, and other teachers

Analytics An intuitive dashboard integrates a wide range of data into one place, including third-party content. Run reports based upon individual students, student groups, and classes

EdPen Mark up pdfs using this easy annotation tool

Behavior Management Define your own positive and negative recognitions and award and track student points

Assessment Center Create assessments, grade, and comment in real-time

Share, Search, Discover Teachers can share and search for resources, curricula, lessons, and assessments

Toolbox Otus partners with a growing list of popular apps so you can access everything you need with one login, and collect all your data in one place

Split Screen iPad only Take notes on your iPad while browsing the web and save them to your Google Drive

Polling Poll students, receive instant feedback and store results for analysis

Blog Post, comment, and share ideas in a safe, teacher-controlled environment

Parent Portal Communicate with individual or groups of parents and allow them to track their student’s progress and view all their students’ schedules in one calendar

Calendar Organize assignments, class work, and self-created events in one place

Browser iPad only Built-in browser with student history tracking

Otus Free LMS

Otus teachers, students, and parent versions are all free with no in-app purchases, ads, or add-ons.

How can all this be free?

Otus is a social enterprise with a mission to level the playing field in education through access to technology. Otus will always be free for teachers and students, with no in-app purchases, add-ons, ads, or premium features. Any teacher, anywhere can begin to use Otus to save time and access actionable information from their classroom data.

A subscription-based product for school and district administrators that brings all their learning data into one place with tools to research and generate reports.

Partnerships & Integrations We actively seek partnerships with other companies so that students and teachers can access all the tools and insights they need in one safe and secure place. Otus believes in an open, interoperable educational ecosystem, because when companies work together schools win.

Everything in one place Access your third party content, web apps, and resources right in Otus

Single sign-on Login just one time for everything. If you don’t find your favorite third party apps in Otus, contact us and we’ll add them

Never re-enter data Otus partners with a growing list of SIS systems so you never have to re-enter data

Learner Centered, Teacher Focused

Collaborative & individualized
Teachers and students can organize and share their work and resources.
Data-rich visual reporting
Teachers can see, evaluate, and analyze student learning data in real time with Otus Analytics.
Designed by Teachers for Teachers

Otus is designed by classroom teachers who use Otus with their students every day.

Meet Chris Hull

Otus’ co-founder and seventh grade social studies teacher.

What People Are Saying

  • “Look out EdTech world, because Otus is a disruptive technology.”

    Anne Rachel Teachers With Apps
  • "The more I use it, the more I like it. Otus Teacher and Otus Student are a great combination for teachers looking to move to a paperless classroom or to follow the flipped classroom model."

    Sarah Emerling Teacher and Technology Coach
  • "The reason I loved this app so much is that it was created by teachers for teachers."

    Top Kids Apps
  • "By combining all these aspects into one app, I believe they make it possible to run a 1:1 mobile classroom very efficiently."

    Michael Karlin The Ed Tech Round Up
  • “The possibilities for teachers using Otus seem limitless.”

    Richard Byrne Free Technology for Teachers
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Privacy Pledge

We treat student data with bank-level double encryption to assure safety.
Protecting student privacy is a serious responsibility. Otus is a signer of the Privacy Pledge. We also add assurances in our own privacy policy.

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