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What is Otus?

The Otus Student Performance Platform, designed specifically for K-12 school systems, is the first system that integrates student learning data from 3rd party assessment and content providers with real-time, in classroom data. This classroom data is captured through Otus’ award winning learning management system and behavior and engagement tracking tools.


Enhance your student classroom with an award-winning LMS, free to students, teachers, and families


See student learning data by building, grade level, teacher, class, student or any other district-defined subgroup

School administrators can use Otus to visualize data from all students in their district.


Integrate with over 300 content and assessment providers such as NWEA, Khan Academy, any LTI compliant company, and more.


Evaluate learning with Custom Grading Scales* using any of the 14 assessment types included in Otus

*Standards or Competency based


Create, organize, and share lesson plans and assignments with students and any Otus teacher in the world.


Otus utilizes a SaaS-based platform provided by Amazon web services making it highly secure and extremely fast. We have also taken the Student Privacy Pledge which safeguards student information.


Maintain an open line of communication with families through the Family Portal


Connect content, questions, rubrics, blogs and polls to the Common Core or Custom Standards

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